Our Mission

The purpose of the Museum of Arts and Sciences is to acquire, preserve, study, interpret, and exhibit objects of artistic, scientific, historical, or cultural value that have inherent significance to the people of Central Georgia, so as to promote a fuller understanding of humankind, its heritage and environment.

Our Vision

The Museum of Arts and Sciences is a regional resource for life-long learning and enrichment that engages a diverse audience by presenting objects and experiences designed to evoke wonder, stimulate curiosity, and open minds to new worlds of discovery.

Our Core Values

Commitment to Education

The Museum believes that exposure to the real thing—actual works of art, live animals, and three-dimensional natural and scientific objects, as well as hands-on opportunities to explore nature and humankind’s impact upon it—are key to developing knowledge of and appreciation for the world in which we live. It encourages children, adults, and families alike to pursue life- long learning.


Community Service and Accessibility

The Museum was founded to serve the community by presenting exhibits and programs of broad interest and importance to an audience that reflects the demographics of its region, and make them accessible to all visitors. It increases its impact by collaborating with a wide range of educational and cultural institutions, governmental agencies, and membership organizations.


Leadership and Excellence

The Museum intends to be a leader among its peers, and in its community. It embraces the highest standards in governance, collections care and management, accuracy of interpretation, and quality programming. The public trust and influence it has earned over the years are a source of pride, husbanded carefully.


Respect and Inclusiveness

The Museum has a responsibility to visitors, volunteers, board members, donors, and the public at large to respect the dignity of every individual; it must be inclusive in its offerings without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, and physical or mental challenges.


Accountability and Professionalism

The Museum is determined to be a good steward of an asset that the community came together to create and which serves a vital public function. It holds itself accountable for the best use of its collections, facilities, staff, boards, volunteers, and financial resources. It is committed to transparency and integrity in carrying out its Mission. It seeks to achieve the highest levels of professionalism via staff training, participation in professional organizations, and the use of informed scholars and consultants.