The Discovery House features three floors of interactive exhibits exploring Art, Science, and Humanities.

The top floor features the Artist’s Garret, which allows visitors to create their own works of art with simple supplies or sit quietly in the Dream Room, listening to the sounds surrounding them. The Humanist’s Study, on the main level, showcases some of the Museum’s permanent collections including butterflies, arrowheads, dolls, and much more. In the basement, Scientist’s Workshopvisitors can communicate through whisper tubes, figure out how things work at the workbenches, and dig for fossils in the Ziggy Dig, which is below an installation of the 40 million-year-old whale fossil, Zygorhiza.

The 40 million-year-old whale fossil Ziggy, the colorful and whimsical “Gesturing Woman” by artist Viola Frey, and the nine-foot Polar Bear welcome you to our three-story Discovery House interactive museum, which features the adventure of interactive exhibits for exploring art, science and humanities.

Artist’s Garret

  • Jump, dance and move your body to make a beautiful painting in the Light Box;
  • Enjoy learning about perspective en plein air in the Perspective Alcove;
  • Observe your reflection in abstract form on the Domed Mirrors and draw it;
  • Stop by the Monkey Box and say hello—stick out your tongue, they love it!

Humanist’s Study

  • Journey to faraway lands on the planet in the Map Room;
  • Learn about and create a special project in the Drawing Room;
  • Pen your own poetry and prose in the Poet’s Corner!

Mini Zoo

  • Visit the Mini Zoo centered around a replica Banyan Tree;
  • See a live show featuring the animals;
  • Learn about the live animal collection ;
  • View more than 70 live animals;

Scientist’s Workshop

  • Forecast the weather at the Weather Station;
  • Search for fossils in the Archaeology “Ziggy” Dig;
  • Look for constellations in the night sky on the Sky Map;
  • Learn about the rules of gravity as the balls race!