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More@MAS: The Museum Comes to You

By Kristen Maddox, Guest Writer for the MAS

If you haven’t been able to make it to MAS this year, there may still be off-site activities you can participate in or request at a venue.

“I love it [outreach] because it’s one more opportunity to get kids [and adults] excited about the environment, space, or art,” said Susan Mays, education curator at MAS. “A lot of times, the adults who are with the kids are as interested as the kids are.”

MAS outreach programs are shows and events that are performed anywhere other than the central Macon campus. This can include events at schools, camps, libraries, businesses, and festivals.

In-person outreach programs are still offered by MAS, with additional COVID-19 precautions like face coverings and social distancing required. But the pandemic hasn’t prevented MAS from sharing education and new experiences with the community. 

“We are able to take the animals to people that normally would not get the opportunity to come to the museum,” said Sharron Cornacchione, animal curator for MAS. 

MAS’ professionally trained staff can perform educational space, art, and animal shows, bring the Mini-Zoo to your birthday party or brighten your day with a short Zoo-Gram at almost any local setting, including a private residence.

MAS is also experimenting with virtual and live-virtual programming, including a recent career presentation for Baldwin County high school students. 

“We’re always looking for those opportunities where we can promote what we do, meet a need, and provide a new outreach arm, a new avenue for people to receive programming from us,” Susan said.

Museum members can receive notifications of upcoming events in their community through membership E-blasts, and anyone can search local listings or check the MAS website for events upcoming on the calendar. 

“The more we can educate people about the animals that live around us, that are in this world, and the benefits these animals provide for us, then the better off we all are,” Sharron said. 

To learn more about all the programs you can request from MAS, and their pricing, check out under “Events,” “Educators,” and “Museum Rentals,” or call MAS at (478) 477-3232 to schedule an outreach for your group or location.