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Al2 Si2 O5 (OH)4

Through January 15, 2020

The clay mineral kaolinite is one of Georgia's most famous exports. It plays a role in almost everything you touch or use throughout the day, but have you ever really thought much about this fantastic mineral? Where does it come from? What does it look like in its original state? How does it get from the ground to your favorite magazine cover?

We asked all the experts and discovered that Kaolinite is wonderous. Stroll through this abstract artwork inspired by such a unique mineral and let it spark your imagination and ignite your curiosity.

Special thanks to the generosity and support of KaMin and to Dr. Paul A. Schroeder,  University of Georgia Department of Geology, and Dr. Eric Formo, of the Georgia Electron Microscopy Lab for providing helpful insight and history about Kaolinite and for the beautiful SEM scans you will see in the gallery.

Presented by The E.J. Grassmann Trust