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Hubble Space Telescope: New Views of the Universe

July 13th-October 26th, 2024

Experience the life and history of the Hubble Space Telescope through this interactive and stunning exhibit designed by NASA. Visitors will be immersed in the magnificence and mystery of the Hubble mission and gain an introduction to the James Webb Space Telescope. Featuring a scale model of the Hubble Space Telescope plus several “satellite” units, the exhibit offers a hands-on experience with the same technology that allows Hubble to gaze at distant galaxies and celebrates Hubble's contributions to the exploration of planets, stars, galaxies and the universe. Visitors will learn of the various instruments aboard the telescope and the role that each of them plays in providing exciting new images and discoveries. Observers will also get a glimpse into the various hurdles that Hubble has faced in its career and the role that astronauts have played in repairing and servicing the satellite. The exhibit contains images and data taken by Hubble of planets, galaxies, regions around black holes and many other fascinating cosmic entities that have captivated the minds of scientists for centuries.


Save the Date: Meet former NASA Astronaut Joan Higginbotham Thursday, October 17, 2024 (5:30-7:30PM) at MAS! Free community event!