Grades 6th – 12th

Shows in the Discovery Dome

This state-of-the-art traveling Space Theater offers live and recorded Georgia Performance Standard-related Astronomy programming.

o Please specify choice(s) when booking.

o 30 – 40 minutes in length

o Includes 10 – 15 minute live star show plus Teacher’s choice of recorded show unless otherwise noted

o Discovery Dome seats 25 children and adults per show.

o School Day (8 a.m. – 3 p.m.): $400

Fee includes up to 8 shows of 25 students/show (specify show/subject matter); additional shows $50.

o After School Hours/Weekends: Up to 3 shows – $250; From 4-6 shows – $400

Earth’s Wild Ride (Grades 2nd – 8th)

Travel to a lunar colony in the future and trace the path of the moon’s shadow across Earth.  Relive key moments in history, including the Ice Age and time of the dinosaurs. S2E1a, S2E2, S2E3, S4E1, S4E2

Force 5 (Grades 3rd – 8th)

See how winds across the eastern Atlantic can develop into hurricanes. Find out how the sun drives the Earth’s weather and what happens during a solar storm. S4E4, S5E1, S6E3, S6E4, SM1, SM2, SM3, SM4, SES5

Ring World 2 (Grades 4th – 7th)

See amazing images transmitted from the space probe Cassini which arrived at Saturn in 2004.

Body Code (Grades 4th – 12th)

Take a journey through the human body, from the anatomical systems of the bones to the nucleus of a single cell. S5L2, S7L2, S7L3, SB1, SB2, SB3, SAP1 SAP2, SAP3, SAP4, SMI1, SMI2, SMI3, SMI4

Two Small Pieces of Glass: The Amazing Telescope (Grades 5th – 8th)

Two students explore the Galilean moons, Saturn’s rings and spiral structure of galaxies. S4P1

Live Animal Show $175

o Fee includes one show; additional shows $75.

o Live Animal Table Set-up: $150; 2-hour maximum

Trained staff members bring 1-2 animals for meet & greet. 6’ table is required.

Staff members bring live animals and involve students in shows tailored to focus on special topics and GPS requirements. Required: 6ft table, PA system

STE+aM Activities $175

o Three sessions of 25 students each ; additional sessions $50.

o Art activities may be coordinated with the school’s current science curriculum or to current or upcoming exhibitions at the Museum. Additional supply fee may be required for certain activities.

Art & 3 States of Matter (Grades K – 2nd)

Experiments and an art project to illustrate three states of matter. SKP1, S2P1

Moonscapes (Grades 1st-2nd)

Experiments and an art project focus on how craters are made. S2E2

Constellations (Grades K)

A brief lesson about constellations and then students create their own. SKE1

Science Activity Kits

Annual School Subscription: $50 covers unlimited kit checkouts.

The Museum has activity kits for checkout by a teacher/team. Each kit contains supplies for science activities related to themes including light, sound, rocks and minerals, fossils, and electricity and magnets.

Some include guides for possible activities. Teachers may request a visit from Jamie Akin, a teacher/museum volunteer to introduce teachers to the kit.