Astronomical Society

See what the astronomy club has to offer and consider joining this band of luna-tics.

Learn how to identify outer-space objects in a constellation and then try your hand at star hopping.

The group meets at the outside entrance of the Mark Smith Planetarium.

The purpose of the Middle Georgia Astronomical Society (MGAS) — in conjunction with the Museum of Arts and Sciences — is to promote the interest in astronomy in the Central Georgia area. This is done through periodic meetings with guest speakers and presentations, special events, star parties and observation nights.

The study of astronomy enriches our culture by increasing the understanding of our universe. By presenting astronomical programs and events to the public, the Middle Georgia Astronomical Society and the Museum of Arts and Sciences provide opportunities for learning about and enjoying the wonders of the stars, nebulae, planets, galaxies and much more.

Dues are only $12 per year for a whole family!

Use this great tool for determining the whether or not you will experience good viewing tonight!

Date & Time:Jun 8, 2013 (10:00 AM - 11:30 AM)
Location:Museum of Arts and Sciences

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