An interplanetary news team called the Ultra Galactic Gung-Ho Gurus, or UG3, is on their way to cover the hottest story in the galaxy: the premiere of a new flavor from the Spewberry Soda Corporation. In route, bungling occurs and the team is stranded in orbit around a planet they’ve never heard of — Earth! The hapless reporters contact the studio executives for help, but are instead ordered to investigate this planet and report on it.

Soon a surprising fact is uncovered: Earthlings are on the cusp of being fully fledged space explorers. Pulling from the Earthlings’ history, science, literature, mythology and art, the UG3 compile a story that spans thousands of years and attempts to chronicle how humans are finally able to break the bonds of gravity and begin their adventure into space.

UG3, the first in a series of films to star their original “Ultra Galactic Gung-Ho Gurus,” is a creation of the award-winning team of Georgia filmmakers Al and Lee Waller. This original educational comedy is an entertaining blend of 2D, 3D, and stop-motion animation, along with traditional puppetry, flash animation, vintage footage, and other media techniques and art forms that takes adults and kids on a journey through humanity’s quest for outer space.

Be warned that this will be more than just a film premiere, so don’t miss this one-night-only Screening Event of UG3 featuring the Worlds of UG3, the Film and the Guru Games.

The event on January 17, 2013, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm, will feature showing(s) of the UG3 film—one seating at 6:30 pm and a second at 8 pm (if necessary)—and related activities, and also will include several shows in the Mark Smith Planetarium and rides on the Human Gyroscope in the Museum’s main lobby. There will be something for everyone:

  • Get an insider’s perspective about the film
  • Meet the filmmakers
  • Hear behind-the-scenes stories of the making of the film
  • Win great UG3 collector’s items
  • More…

Check out the following announcement generously provided by Cox Communications:

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    About the Filmmakers:

    Al and Lee Waller have been a filmmaking team since they were in their teens, as they put it, “making short films with a VHS camcorder. You know, one of those from the Cretaceous period with a ‘portable’ power pack heavy enough to anchor a large yacht.”

    Born and raised in Warner Robins, Georgia they began working in puppetry and drama, but as soon as they got their hands on their first video camera, then computer, the teenage brothers found they had a knack for telling stories visually. “Lee was very good with technology even as a kid,” Al remembers. “Once I heard a loud pop and all the lights in the house went out. Lee emerged from his room, flipped a breaker, and then disappeared behind his door again without a word. I later found out he was trying to build his own special-effects flash pot. Instead of using flash powder though, he was using gunpowder from some of our dad’s old shotgun shells.”

    That passion to “know how things work” helped Lee to master video and digital media early on. Al, on the other hand, skewed more to the creative side specializing in creating characters through puppetry and cartooning. He also loved to write. This combination of the technical and creative, along with the involvement of mentors and other creative friends helped the brothers to pursue their passion for filmmaking.

    They both worked for several years in Macon for various companies and organizations such as Macon State College and the Macon Arts Alliance. The last film from their studios, BugWorld, premiered at the Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival and won a Best Film award from Kids First, the largest film festival organization for children and teens in the nation.

    Al now lives in the Atlanta area with his wife and son. Lee lives in Cleveland, Tennessee with his wife and two children.

    UG3 Resources:

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