What Is a Bird?

Birds are warm-blooded creatures, like mammals, but they lay eggs, like most reptiles. All birds have feathers and wings, and most birds are able to fly. Birds are amazingly varied in their shapes, sizes, colors, and behavior patterns. There are more than 9,000 different species of birds in the world.

Blue and Gold Macaw
This is a large and colorful parrot from South America. Its large hooked beak is used to crack open brazil nuts and to slice away at fruits. The colorful feathers act like a uniform: when you see the other Blue and Gold Macaws fly off, it’s time for you to fly also.
Orange-Winged Amazon
From the Amazon basin in South America, this medium-sized parrot uses its green feathers as camouflage to hide from predators. They are gregarious, moving from tree to tree in large flocks in search of ripe fruits and nuts.
Beautiful Fruit Dove This is a frugivorous bird from the Malay peninsula. The soft, flexible beak is well suited to eating rotting fallen fruit on the forest floor.
Fischer’s Turaco
The Turaco is a forest bird with colorful plumage from the countries of Kenya and Tanzania in East Africa. This bird is on exhibit in the Back Yard with our Cockatiels and Fruit Dove.


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