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The Museum of Arts and Sciences has invited a leading vertebrate paleontologist to shed new light on “Ziggy,” its 40-million-year-old Zygorhiza whale fossil and one of Georgia’s most valuable treasures. A public lecture is planned for February 26, 2015, at 7PM. Currently, the Museum classifies its Ziggy as genus zygorhiza, a subfamily of the dorudontinae species of ancient whales. A great deal of new scientific research has been uncovered in recent years about the dorudontinae species of ancient whales, which may impact the Museum’s educational programming. In February, the Museum will bring Dr. Mark Uhen, one of the nation’s leading vertebrate paleontologists, to Macon to review the fossil and consider the need for a reclassification of Ziggy from Zygorhiza to Dorudon serratus.

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The Museum of Arts and Sciences is delighted to present the enigmatic chromogenic photograms of California-based artist Richard Slechta from January 16 through April 26, 2015.

Slechta’s art process is a simple one: light = color.  It is the basic premise of how we perceive our natural world, only with Slechta’s art; there is a very specific place and time of this occurrence.  John Cage once said, “There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time.  There is always something to see, something to hear.”  In Slechta’s photograms, that principle is turned into moments of transience.

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“Art Rocks” is open through February 22, 2015 at the Museum of Arts and Sciences (MAS). This exhibition explores the earth science of Providence Canyon State Park (in Lumpkin, GA) and the art of en plein aire landscape painting. It is an exhibition of landscape paintings by Professor of Art William Jones alongside a geologic survey of the canyons by Professor of Earth Sciences Dr. James Hyatt, both from Eastern Connecticut State University. These two faculty members spent years investigating the art and sciences of the canyons. Rocks and Minerals from the Museum’s Education Collection are also on display.

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Festival of Trees

The 28th Annual Festival of Trees begins with a beautiful Luncheon at the Museum. Enjoy a gourmet meal especially prepared by Martha Berg and Julie Edge amongst the beautiful designer trees that grace Georgia’s Gallery through the holiday season. Guests will also be dazzled by local boutiques showcasing this year’s hottest holiday fashions. Be sure to stop by the Sugar Plum Shop for sweet treats and festive holiday gifts.

Festival of Trees Gala will usher in the holiday season at the historic Terminal Station, where guests will enjoy anarray of delectable treats and catering by Natalia’s, open bar, and live music by the Tony Howard Band.

New this year—Macon Millionaire Raffle and Art Raffle! 

Tickets are on sale NOW! $25 each or 5/$100. You don’t have to be present to win!


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74 candidates representing 32 countries became United States citizens during an official naturalization ceremony hosted by the Museum of Arts and Sciences on August 25, 2014. Approximately 10 of the candidates were residents of Macon-Bibb County while others traveled from other counties in the region. Ranging in age from 18 to 70 years old, the candidates took an oath of allegiance, recited the pledge of allegiance, sang the National Anthem, watched a recorded message from the President of the United States, and received their official naturalized citizenship certificates during the ceremony.

This momentous event – a significant occasion for the new American citizens – is part of the Museum’s strategic goal to serve a broader spectrum of residents in the region. “This is the first naturalization ceremony to be held at the Museum but we hope to serve as an annual host,” said Executive Director Susan Welsh. “We are able to accommodate as many as 75 candidates plus their family members in our Emily Bailey Walker Auditorium. This is a perfect use of our facility and we were honored to share this special occasion with so many families.”

Before and after the ceremony, the new citizens and their families had the opportunity to enjoy the Museum’s Discovery House and main galleries. The Macon Town Committee of the National Society of The Colonial Dames of America also helped welcome the new citizens and provided refreshments following the ceremony.

“Earlier this year, the Museum organized an exhibit about the Lost Mural of Ellis Island and developed educational programming about genealogy, citizenship, and immigration. Since then, we’ve wanted to host a naturalization ceremony,” said Welsh. “Generally, these ceremonies are held just once or twice a year in Macon. We are thrilled to be a newly approved site and we look forward to working with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ Atlanta Field Office to organize more ceremonies in the future.”

In 2012, the Museum participated in the American Alliance of Museums’ Museum Assessment Program on Community Involvement to better understand the needs and desires of the immediate community. Immediately, the findings of this assessment impacted the Museum’s educational programming, exhibition schedule, and marketing within the community. Specific goals were set to plan programs that would attract Spanish-speaking families, highlight cultural differences and strengths in the region, plus serve greater numbers of disadvantaged youth and adults with special needs.


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