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The Museum of Arts and Sciences is proud to announce the exhibition of Macon Artist, Betty Bivins Edwards. This exhibition opens Friday, January 23 and runs through April 26, 2015.

Steeped in the Southern legacy of storytelling, together with a sensitivity for place, Betty Bivins Edwards finds narration in art altogether natural. What she has to say about the South, however, is far from mere anecdote. Rather, in the tradition of her fellow Georgian writer Flannery O’Connor, she uses stinging wit and ironic humor to underscore the contradictions of a society clinging with only subliminal awareness to the assumptions of the past. This adherence to worn-out notions is all the more desperate, Edwards implies, because of the wrenching changes brought on by contemporary life.

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The Museum of Arts and Sciences is delighted to present the enigmatic chromogenic photograms of California-based artist Richard Slechta from January 16 through April 26, 2015.

Slechta’s art process is a simple one: light = color.  It is the basic premise of how we perceive our natural world, only with Slechta’s art; there is a very specific place and time of this occurrence.  John Cage once said, “There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time.  There is always something to see, something to hear.”  In Slechta’s photograms, that principle is turned into moments of transience.

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“Art Rocks” is open through February 22, 2015 at the Museum of Arts and Sciences (MAS). This exhibition explores the earth science of Providence Canyon State Park (in Lumpkin, GA) and the art of en plein aire landscape painting. It is an exhibition of landscape paintings by Professor of Art William Jones alongside a geologic survey of the canyons by Professor of Earth Sciences Dr. James Hyatt, both from Eastern Connecticut State University. These two faculty members spent years investigating the art and sciences of the canyons. Rocks and Minerals from the Museum’s Education Collection are also on display.

Located in Southwest Georgia, Providence Canyon State Park is a spectacular, visually arresting landscape shaped by geologic processes of weathering, erosion, transportation, and deposition. Also referred to as Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon, the area provides a stunning example of how much human-caused soil erosion can alter landscapes. The canyons now are nearly 200 feet deep but originally formed in response to land clearing and settlement of Stewart County in the early 1800s.

Row cropping and other land mismanagement practices concentrated water flowing over the land and created gullies that cut through the 70-million-year-old red and iron-rich Clayton Formation to expose the older and easily eroded white sands of the Providence Formation below. Eroded sediments were washed down the valley along slopes (colluvial) and rivers (alluvial), accumulated on the river bed, then buried previous landscapes, and created a stunning landscape that is of interest to both scientists and artists.

“There’s a very interesting history to this area where people and geology interact with one another, and one of the consequences that it yields is a truly beautiful landscape. While this landscape is interesting geologically and because of its human history, it’s equally impressive in terms of its inspirational value to artists and others that want to capture how the landscape connects to people,” said James Hyatt on Providence Canyon’s history.

Both Jones and Hyatt will travel to Macon for a Lunch and Learn lecture and a full-day en plein aire painting workshop. The Lunch and Learn lecture will include a light lunch followed by a presentation about Providence Canyon given by Drew Hyatt, Ph.D. The en plein air painting session will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with Professor Andy Jones and will include the Lunch and Learn program and light lunch. A supply list for the painting workshop will be given when reservations are made. Reservations are required for both events.

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Oconee EMC Foundation • Southern Rivers Energy Trust
Central Georgia EMC Foundation • SCANA


Festival of Trees

The 28th Annual Festival of Trees begins with a beautiful Luncheon at the Museum. Enjoy a gourmet meal especially prepared by Martha Berg and Julie Edge amongst the beautiful designer trees that grace Georgia’s Gallery through the holiday season. Guests will also be dazzled by local boutiques showcasing this year’s hottest holiday fashions. Be sure to stop by the Sugar Plum Shop for sweet treats and festive holiday gifts.

Festival of Trees Gala will usher in the holiday season at the historic Terminal Station, where guests will enjoy anarray of delectable treats and catering by Natalia’s, open bar, and live music by the Tony Howard Band.

New this year—Macon Millionaire Raffle and Art Raffle! 

Tickets are on sale NOW! $25 each or 5/$100. You don’t have to be present to win!


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The Museum of Arts and Sciences is pleased to present The Weather is Turning Weird: Data Visualizations by Nathalie Miebach.

This exhibition is on display now through January 4, 2015 and features the work of nationally recognized artist Nathalie Miebach. Miebach focuses on the intersection of art and science and the visual articulation of scientific observations. Ten of her woven sculptures, made of colorful reeds, rope, wood, and beads currently on display at the Museum of Arts and Sciences represent mammoth storms. Using the methodologies of both disciplines, she translates scientific data related to astronomy, ecology, and meteorology into colorful, intricate, tactile woven sculptures. Because weaving provides an effective grid through which she interprets data in three-dimensional space, her work lets us consider data from new perspectives.

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