“We live in world where our everyday experience is augmented by technology. Almost everything has been affected by the computer and the microprocessor. Developments in Science have led to the invention of the many computerized devices that we have integrated into our daily routines. The most obvious example is the cell phone, but almost everything seems to have a chip inside it these days. And there are other technologies that don’t seem related to the word “technology,” older tools that extend what the human body can do that are still in use. Some of these tools have also been augmented by the computer. Human beings have always used tools to create – to survive and as time has progressed technology seems to have merged into our lives more than ever before, i.e. – wearable technology, virtual reality, augmented reality, immersive environments, 3d printers, laser cutters, etc.. This show takes a broad approach to what constitutes the idea of an augmented life in 2016 and seeks to survey the low tech and high tech ways in which artists are reflecting and riffing on the present through the use of various technologies to create art. Augmented takes a look at contemporary artists who are exploring these ideas through their own processes that alter material surfaces with technology. The works in the show respond directly or stand as metaphors for how technology alters the surface of our contemporary experience.”

Guest Curator Craig Coleman

Assistant Professor of Art, Mercer University


Take a look around the first room of the Augmented exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Sciences! – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Participating Artists:

Wendy Babcox – Tampa, FL

Budd Dees – Gainesville, FL

Bojana Ginn – Atlanta, GA

Craig Coleman, Macon, GA

Jerry Habarth – Philadelphia, PA

Margaret Wagner Hart – Boston, MA

Gordon Johnston – Macon, GA

Sean Miller – Gainesville, FL

Galen Olmsted – Atlanta, GA

Bethany Taylor – Gainesville, FL

Marcia Vaitsman – Atlanta, GA

Robert Schaller – Boulder, CO

Zakriya Rabani – Tampa, FL

Luke Buffenmyer & Megan McNaught – Macon, GA

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