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Serving an audience of all ages and many interests, the Museum of Arts and Sciences is a community resource for life-long learning and enrichment. As Georgia’s largest museum devoted to the arts and sciences, the Museum seeks to engage visitors, evoke wonder, stimulate curiosity, and open minds to new worlds of discovery.

The Museum serves about 65,000 visitors annually, including 20,000 school children. In 2006, the Museum celebrated 50 years of service to Central Georgia and beyond.


Art and Science Galleries

Because it has a broad mission and desires to serve numerous constituencies, the Museum showcases changing and permanent exhibitions in both the arts and sciences. The Museum presents an extensive schedule of changing Exhibitions, many from its permanent collection, traveling exhibitions, or private collections. The Museum has hosted several wonderful exhibitions including Fired By Genius: The Ceramics of Pablo Picasso, Mysteries of Egypt, American Glass: Masters of the Art, A Slave Ship Speaks: The Wreck of the Henrietta Marie, Sunlight and Shadow: American Impressionism, The Art of Tiffany, Legends of Our Times: Native Ranching and Rodeo Life on the Plains Plateau, Empire of the Sultans: Ottoman Art from the Khalili Collection, Destination: Dinosaurs, and Leonardo: Renaissance Man. The Museum also hosts annual displays including work by local school students in Protégé and holiday festivals from around the world in Celebrate!

Discovery House

The Discovery House features three floors of interactive exhibits exploring Art, Science, and Humanities. The top floor features the Artist’s Garret, which allows visitors to create their own works of art with simple supplies or sit quietly in the Dream Room, listening to the sounds surrounding them. The Humanist’s Study, on the main level, showcases some of the Museum’s permanent collections including butterflies, arrowheads, dolls, and much more. In the basement, Scientist’s Workshop visitors can communicate through whisper tubes, figure out how things work at the workbenches, and dig for fossils in the Ziggy Dig, which is below an installation of the 40 million-year-old whale fossil, Zygorhiza.


Adjacent to the Discovery House, the Mini-Zoo is centered around a replica Banyan Tree and is home to the Museum’s collection of live animals. Housing a variety of animal species, the Mini-Zoo contains forest, pond, and desert habitats. The Museum’s living collection contains approximately 70 animals, including invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Live animal shows are presented in the Mini-Zoo daily.

Mark Smith Planetarium

The Mark Smith Planetarium has taken audiences on journeys through time and space for over 45 years and now features the largest dome in Central Georgia—within a 100-mile radius of Macon—and sports the industry’s leading planetarium projection technology, the Konica Minolta Super MediaGlobe-II. Planetarium shows are presented daily and each Friday. The Sky Over Macon program provides the latest information about current and upcoming celestial events.


The Museum’s Observatory features several telescopes for taking close-up looks at far-out celestial objects. The Observatory is open every Friday night when the sky is clear and also during special astronomical events.

Georgia Power Sweet Gum Trail and Elam Alexander Outdoor Classroom

Offering visitors a wonderful view of native plants and animals, a pond, and the historic Kingfisher Cabin, the writing retreat of Henry Stillwell Edwards, the Sweet Gum Nature Trail is available for guided and self-guided tours. Both the nature trail and outdoor classroom are used for educational programming.

Amerson River Park

Amerson River Park is the former site of the Macon Water Works that served the city’s water needs for over 100 years. It was irreparably damaged by a flood in 1994. The Macon Water Authority recently donated 180 acres of this land to be redeveloped by NewTown Macon as a passive park. This area is almost twice the size of Central City Park. It includes a prehistoric natural lake, miles of riverfront, a large open meadow, and wooded trails.

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